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Internex Group

There is no shortage in South Africa of firms and business groups who profess to be able to help smaller businesses get off the ground; to cure ailing business concerns; and to significantly or even spectacularly enhance the bottom line results of well established companies – big and small.

On close scrutiny, however, the prospective client may well find that some of these companies do not really possess ample, relevant skills and expertise, do not have the specialists and professionals on board, do not have the systems in place, do not have the infrastructure, and do not have the right strategic partners to be able to live up to their promises.

Even those prospective clients, who have a good idea of where their shortcomings are, normally do not have the time and resources to investigate the problem thoroughly, and to start the corrective action process.

Welcome to the Internex Group

Established in 1997, the Internex Group consists of three independent and privately owned companies with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their respective fields embodied in the specialist professionals they have on board, and in the sophisticated systems utilized to implement knowledge and expertise.

Internex’s services are specifically targeted at improving the bottom line performance of service and manufacturing organisations through the application of systems engineering methodology; with special emphasis on the transformation process, systems supporting it, and the structures necessary to integrate these components with organizational missions, strategies, goals, objectives and policies. Organizations can also be repositioned at strategic, tactical and operational level.

Organisations are complex, integrated units, and every aspect of this unit must be aligned with the rest of the organisation. Internex follows a holistic approach, and uses expertise in various fields to achieve this objective.

We are committed to our services providing the foundations for real, ongoing improvement.

What does all this mean? Internex’s Mission Statement summarizes it in a nutshell:

Our mission is to assist companies with continuous improvement of their bottom line results. We accomplish this through a one-stop, multidisciplinary and totally integrated consulting service

Internex professionals are highly qualified, experienced and practically orientated individuals with impressive industrial, engineering and business management backgrounds, as well as relevant experience gained in private industry, government institutions, and the defence industry.

Our comprehensive network of specialists and professionals also enhances total objectivity and impartiality in developing innovative and integrated solutions to organisational problems.

Specialist human resources at Internex’s disposal include around 100 professionals locally and internationally.

Internex group’s employees are value driven and practise absolute confidentiality, honesty and integrity, with many having secret security clearances.

The Internex Group strives to establish transparent, long term relationships with its customers, and therefore takes an active interest in their long term profitability and wellbeing. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have repeat engagements with a substantial number of large concerns in South Africa.

We believe that powerful solutions for improving business performance are not found in the sum of local optima, but in a global optimum. For this reason the Internex Group provides holistic, integrated solutions, in line with our clients’ unique operating environments.

Experience and Expertise

Internex recognises the importance of harmony and synchronisation to achieve organisational efficiency and competitiveness, and utilizes a mix of business and technical skills to ensure a holistic approach throughout all project work. This is achieved by means of associations with a variety of specialists to complement its services and ensure a unified and consistent approach.

The wealth of experience of the Internex Group is based mostly on ground level exposure, ensuring a practical understanding of issues facing both workers and management.

The Internex team is also committed to ongoing relevant research, with specific concern for applications of its findings within the Southern African environment.

Because we recognize the diverse nature and priorities of entities using our services, we structure our solutions to specifically suit the client’s environment.

The Internex Group also provides the ideal mix of services focused on the operating core of the business, leaving management free to focus on its vital managerial role regarding critical performance areas and success factors.

The Group is whole-heartedly committed to the South African Government's Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) policy.

Commitment and Dedication

The Internex Group is convinced that it's combined forces (Capabilities, Expertise and Experience) places it in a position to offer enhanced solutions to our clients